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Psych Slash

Title: Happy Birthday
Fandom: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: PG13
Author's Notes: I'm new to writing PsychFics, but after tonights episode I though, 'Damn, you know Shawn would want to give ol' Lassi a birthday present.' And thus this ficlet was born.

Summary: Shawn never got to give Lassiter his gift, and no birthday should go uncelebrated when a certain psychic is around.


A Happy Birthday to Carlton Lassiter


“You know, I just don’t think that moving is the answer.”


Carlton Lassiter turned abruptly away from his over-stuffed suitcase and glared at Shawn.


“How the hell did you get in here, Spencer?”


Shawn shrugged, “One of your biker buddies let me in, he wanted me to tell you that you’re out of toilet paper.”


Carlton’s frown turned into a horrified grimace. “Those people were in my house?!”


“Apparently,” Shawn said, looking around the bedroom he was in. “You know what? You should fire your decorator; she is just not doing her job.”


The place was… bare. The walls were bright, and yet they lacked character, personalization. Shawn hadn’t really expected there to be tons of knickknacks like in his apartment, but he at thought there would at least be a few pictures, and maybe the odd bauble picked up on vacation or during a case.


Lassiter sighed in frustration and turned back to his suitcase, trying to stuff it closed, “What do you want, Spencer?”


“Come on Lassie, do you need to ask?” the whine in Shawn’s voice made the detective cringe. “I didn’t get to give you your present!”


“My present?” Carlton turned back to face Shawn, a dubious look on his face. “What could you possibly give me that I would actually want?”


Shawn snapped his fingers, pointing at Lassiter and stepping farther into the room. “That is exactly the thought that went through my head when Jules told me about this shindig. So I consulted the spirits, and they have given me guidance.”


Carlton snorted, turning his back on Shawn for the second time, “And what guidance, pray tell, did these ‘spirits’ give you?”


“Well, first they said I should buy you a luffa,” Shawn inhaled deeply, shaking his head and sighing, “But I thought to myself, ‘He may need a luffa sponge, but I don’t dare enter Bed, Bath and Beyond after the tuffet incident.’”


Shawn picked up a stress ball from the dresser near Lassiter’s doorway, tossing it from hand to hand idly, enjoying the sound of his own voice. “So I thought I should give you something original, something no one in their right mind would give you.”


“And what is that?” His back was still turned to the ‘psychic’, but he heard movement and then he was aware of Shawn very close behind him.


“A kiss.”


The words were a whisper in his ear, so close that the slight exhale of breath that accompanied them warmed his skin. His back straightened, his posture became stiff. Shawn’s hands settled on his waist, gripping him gently but firmly and turning him around. Then Shawn Spencer was kissing him, his hands still on the detective’s hips, their lips barely touching.


Shawn pulled away, smirking that annoying, self assured, adorable smirk, and Carlton tried to remember how to breathe.


“A kiss,” he parroted his mind oddly blank.


“Yes, Lassy, a kiss,” Shawn’s expression was soft, but his voice was almost mocking, and his hands were still on Carlton’s hips. “See, I knew for sure that no one would be giving you one, so I didn’t bother to bring a gift receipt.”


“A kiss,” Carlton said again, frowning.


He was having problems thinking, because Spencer was still right next to him, and his hands were still holding his waist. Carlton reached down and took hold of Shawn’s wrists, pushing them down, and pushing Shawn back. He was trying to push Shawn away, but he was failing to put any distance between them, as his feet were moving of their own accord, following Shawn’s every step until they were next to a wall, the younger man pressed against it, and the older man pressed against him.


Carlton was feeling hot, his mind was fuzzy and all he could think about was how pleasant it had been to kiss the annoying psychic. He leaned in, his eyes almost closing, but then hesitated, torn inside.


“Do it,” Shawn said, pleading. “Please…Just… do it.”


Carlton inclined his head, the tone of the psychic’s voice banishing all thoughts, save for the thought that he really did deserve to enjoy his birthday, just this once. So he kissed him, hard, all of his frustration with the young man pouring into it, driving him to push just a little harder. He released Shawn’s hands, opting to grip his waist, tightly, pulling him away from the wall, their lips still locked as their tongues pressed together, tasting and feeling.


The two stumbled aimlessly through the bedroom, their backs and legs bumping into assorted pieces of furniture and making them change course. Carlton was getting dizzy, their kissing had become frantic, and breathing was increasingly difficult. When he started to trip, stumbling backwards, his eyes widened and he gripped Shawn even tighter, pulling him down with him as he fell, both of them landing hard in a heap on the floor.


The pain from falling cleared his head, but he didn’t know what to say. Shawn was on top of him, looking smug.


“Would it completely ruin the mood if I told you that the bikers tagged your car?”


Carlton promptly pushed him over onto the floor and sat up, brushing himself off and looking annoyed.


“Happy Birthday Lassy,” Shawn said from next to him, grinning.


“Go to hell Spencer,” Carlton muttered, though he couldn’t help smiling, licking his lips and eying the other man’s.




Cute! I loved the 'didn't bother with a gift receipt line', very Shawn Spencer. Thanks so much for sharing your work! I hope to see more. ♥

FYI: Should be 'if I told you the bikers tagged your car' Also, your post in psych_slash wasn't hyperlinked, just so you know.
Oh, thanks, I totally missed that error >.<
And Yeah, I have no clue how to do the whole hyperlink thing, I'm kinda new to posting on this site.

And I am actually working on writing something else, I just hope I can manage it, I have a hard time writing for Lassiter's character.
This was nice. ^.^

As to the hyperlink thing, it depends on how you're posting. ^.^; If you let LJ automatically link stuff, you just need to type http://panda-god.livejournal.com/870.html

Or you could use the html code yourself, like so:
<a href=http://panda-god.livejournal.com/870.html>Happy Birthday</a>
and it should show up like this: Happy Birthday

I hope that helps. ^.^;

[And to totally confuse you, to get the greater than and less than signs to show up to show someone code, it's &gt; for greater than (>) and &lt; for less than (<)]
And... eerrr.... The hyperlink thing.. still not getting it.
>.< I might never get it -sob-
Great little story, especially the whole 'pushing Shawn against the wall' thing. I just love it when that boy gets shoved to a wall and snogged.

Twas ace. Brilliant job.
Oh yeah, wall kissing is our friend. Especially brick walls down dark alleys, but inside walls are okay too.

Thanks for the comment!
I love it! My favorite line: “See, I knew for sure that no one would be giving you one, so I didn’t bother to bring a gift receipt.” That was just great.

PS: I your icon. Pandas and Pirates: these are few of my favorite things!
You're the second person to like that line, I guess it kinda nailed Shawn's character.

And Pirates+Pandas= TEH AWESOME!

Thanks for the comment!
I really injoy this short fic.
Thank you!
I really enjoyed writing it!

shassie kiss

aw so cute , i want this to happen so badly! maybe his next bday we'll be luckier ;)